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Excerpt from Phase 1 interview. The exercise pictured was derived from the content of the transcribed interview:

"[My husband] realizes he can't really talk me out of it or do anything about it… Whereas before it was like, what are you doing creative writing? The way he said creative writing put me down. So for 10 to 15 years I didn't do much good writing. I basically wanted to write, maybe wrote a play which is terrible and jotted in my notebook a little bit. I never shared it with anyone... I love myself more because in a better place I am in a better place to live my creativity. I am in the middle of writing a novel. I received good feedback."

Exercise: Think of a compliment you received that meant a great deal to you. Take a moment to remember how this felt and why it impacted you. Consider the significance that you still think of this today. Then, change the compliment so you are saying it to someone else. Walk about the area and tell this compliment to everyone in sight but direct it toward them this time. Give it out, take it in.

After all members of the group have moved around and told all others the compliment they received, return to the group formation and share the compliment with the group and explain the context of said interaction.

Exercises for 49 Year Old South Asian Female: Build You Up
Exercises for 49 Year Old South Asian Female: Build You Up
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