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Excerpt from Phase 1 interview. The exercise pictured and described below was derived from the content of the transcribed interview:

“I'm very short and sometimes I have the exact hand size as someone who is about 6 feet or whatever. It's weird because I'm 5’5’’. So my hands and my arms have always been something that I've focused on and as I started doing workouts, and push-ups, it came to a point where I was able to do like 300 push-ups every other two nights. I would do 300 push-ups straight without stopping. Then, I started to do… Do you know what shuffling is? It's a dance kind of like running in place, and it would make my calves bigger. I would do that and then I would do the push-ups straight. I did it because I was generally shorter than other people and I wanted to focus on enhancing my body and some way that I had control over because I don't have control over making myself taller.“

Exercise: In partners, share something you do to enhance yourself, or to be a better version of yourself. Maintenance or a practice. Teach the partner this practice and try one another’s practices. Then, in solidarity with the interviewee, all people in the room perform push-ups for one minute.

at the Neofuturist's Neo-Kitchen Festival
Exercise for Black Cis Male 20 Years Old: Collective Push-Ups
Performance-event Documentation