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The hand holding poster. Downtown.
Date: 2012-01-27, 10:32AM CST

This person is seriously disturbed. She first of all thinks it's acceptable to completely invade, with no permission, someone's personal space and further with an action as intimate as holding hands. Then she feels compelled to flaunt her bizarre behavior on a public website which I'm sure is just one outlet of her stalking behavior. This person's actions are disgusting, creepy, batshit crazy, scary and flat out just wrong. Let's flag her posts so that hopefully she gets the idea that her behavior is completely unacceptable and that we don't condone it.

I held your hand and we walked to your bus stop (State St. and Randolph St.)
Date: 2012-01-27, 10:32AM CST

It was Thursday January 19 and it was freezing cold outside. You were wearing "180s" and a hat, waiting at the corner and getting ready to cross State, walking east on Randolph. It was about 3:15 pm.
I slipped my hand into yours and you looked up and said "hello". I looked back and said, "hello".
Then we walked and I tried to let you guide our path. After a bit of time we were walking in stride. Sometimes in silence. Sometimes in conversation.
When we got to your bus stop on Michigan Avenue you said you would wait for the bus there. I said I would wait with you since our hands were linked.
You said that you were not really holding on to my hand and I said I wasn't holding on either. I told you I couldn't see how we could possibly let go since we were linked. Then you stepped to the side enough for our fingers to detach.

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